1Company name
2What amount of financing is necessary for you?
10 000 $ – 100 000 $
100 000 $ – 300 000 $
300 000 $ – 600 000 $
Over 600 000 $
3What is the aim of financing?
Granting of a delay to buyers
Protection against possible credit risks
Expansion of sale geography
Working capital financing
Other reasons
4What is the necessary financing schedule?
till 14 days
from 15 till 30 days
from 30 till 45 days
from 45 till 60 days
from 60 till 90 days
Over 90 days
5Describe the goods/services of your Company.

6The contact data

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Factoring became closer.

One of the most accessible ways of necessary financing receipt by companies is factoring.

Factoring is a revolved short-term working capital financing of the companies.
Factoring is an analogue of bank products: working capital line of credit or overdraft.
Factoring is the best decision for Company’s cash deficiency.

CommerceFactor LLP suggests new possibilities for stable development of business.

You can take advantage of our services: Factoring with recourse,  International factoring.


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This article was published in «IFG Newsletter-SUMMARY». November, 2009Author: Bibigul Bushukova, Head of Factoring department. Recently factoring has not been extended as the financing instrument in Kazakhstan. That was due to strong penetration of commercial banks len 27.12.2009


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